goldendoodle dog breeders in ohio

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Embark is a canine genetic testing company that offers a variety of canine disease and trait tests in their panel. You simply send them a swab of your favorite puppy's cheek and Embark will run a variety of genetic tests. One of those included is a genetic test that looks at the genes affecting your dog's body size blueprint. It's way more scientific than simply guessing by the size of her feet!Interested in finding out your puppy's genetic makeup determining her adult body size?Order an Embark testing kit off Amazon, send in that quick cheek swab, and Embark will happily send you the results. If your curious just how Embark predict's your goldendoodle puppy's adult size, check out Embark's blog post explaining how it works. I decided to add this page to the website so you could have a better idea who we at Moss Creek Goldendoodles are and some of the things we have accomplished with our program over the last 12 years.


Posted on January 1st, 2011 by Admin

Your puppy will come up to date on vaccinations and with a great health guarantee.

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goldendoodle dog breeders in ohio

“ He greets all my dad's truck drivers in the early morning when they come to work and he stands guard in the office during the day. ”